Donors to our 2013 Season at the Millay Colony for the Arts:

It is our great pleasure to thank the donors and friends who supported our work in 2013, making last year a happy and healthy year one for us, despite the economic uncertainties that surround us. To each and every one of you, we send our great thanks for a terrific year. You are marvelous.

Thank you to the following individuals and groups for their wonderful support of our work:

Endowed Fellowships
Resident Artist
The Bay and Paul Foundations Teaching Fellowships
Cindy St. John & Patte Loper
The Edward T. Cone Foundation Fellowship
Anthony Gatto
The Jean & Louis Dreyfus Foundation Fellowship
Rick Burkhardt
Nancy Graves Foundation Fellowship
Lily Cox-Richard
Berrilla Kerr Foundation Fellowship
Monica Byrne
Leo Maitland Fellowship
Metta Sama
Martha Martin Fellowship
Lydia Conklin
James & Stephania McClennen Fellowship
Kate hers RHEE
Norma Millay Foundation Fellowship
Hoa Nguyen
Robert W. Simpson Fellowship
Jennie Thwing
The Wallace Foundation Fellowship
Anita Sawyer & Rachel May
Isabel Padro y Valiente
Gessy Alvarez
The Sustainable Arts Foundation
Nikia Chaney & Clara Hunter Latham
Annual Fellowships
Resident Artist
Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation Fellowships
Gessy Alverez, Jennie Thwing, & Randon Billings Noble
Milton and Sally Avery Foundation Fellowship
Larry Krone
Roscoe Lee Browne Scholarship Fund
Jonathan Skinner
Cave Canem Fellowship
LaTasha Diggs