Session I:     March 31-April 25     Session V:      August 7-31
Session II:    May 1-26                 Session VI:    Sept 18-29
Session III:   June 1-Jul 28           Session VII:   October 5-31
Session IV:   July 3-28                 Session VIII:  November 1-21

Have a look at this lovely write-up on our Arts Education program at Chatham High School!

We are delighted to present EDNA 2017, the annual Millay Colony magazine featuring work from our alumni, jurors, workshop leaders, and friends. Check it out!

And, dear readers, we host events at The Millay Colony, in New York City, and other venues in the region and on the road. Here is a sampling of delights for 2017:

12513627_1695552497382607_2246550996381686481_oUPSTATE NEW YORK EVENTS
Alumni Harvest Weekend: September 9 to 11
Leaf Peeping Dinner & Open Studios at Millay: October 21
Arts Education Showcase at Millay: November

October 6 Cocktail Party for Millay Friends
October 16 Reading with Cave Canem in DUMBO co-sponsored by NYU Contemporary Literature Series

14195928_1768430090094847_5570174775529102823_oWORKSHOP RETREATS at The Millay Colony
The Personal is Always Political with Melissa Febos     May 26-31
Master Class Retreat Week with Carole Maso and more July 29 to August 5
Personalizing Place: Travel Writing PART TWO with Colleen Kinder: Sept 1-5

The Sanctuary Series
DISENTANGLING: Disaster Has Come from the Outside with Betsy Fagin: June 3
“NO ONE CARES”: Overcoming Indifference and Roadblocks in a Creative Career with John Colpitts aka Kid Millions: July 22
CREATING ART, CREATING CHANGE with Kavita Das: September 16