The Millay Colony officially closes its residency program at the end of November. At that time we are involved in four months of juries, campus repairs, and administrative work. This allows us to be ready for the coming residency program, which starts each April.

Our Winter Shakers program is an exclusive opportunity for former Millay Colony residents as well as guest writers, artists & composers to stay at the Colony during the winter months. This program takes its name from the rich history of people who joined Shaker communities for shelter during the hard winter months only to return to their “regular” lives when warmer weather arrived.

winter_shakers_2TO APPLY

Please email Calliope Nicholas at to get full details as well as a simple application form. Winter Shakers residencies are available during December, January, February, and March. Weekly Fees for alumni is $225, guest artists, $300.

As with our regular residency season, a room and studio is provided for all WS residents, along with bedding and towels. There is no chef available during Winter Shakers months, and each resident is responsible for bringing their own food and meal preparation. The colony strongly encourages having a personal car for use, A car is required for those staying longer than a week.

We have a limited number of exchange residencies for alumni, with the option to participate in a ten-hour per week work exchange. Work exchange is at the discretion of the colony directors, which may include painting, fix-ups, cleaning, administrative work, etc.

Contact Residency Director, Calliope Nicholas for an application form or with additional questions: or  518 392-3103.