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I came to the Millay Colony having fallen out of a book. I wish I were the sort of poet who could make great use of time in small slivers—six minutes here, ten there, that slim shaving of time on the bus or in the waiting room or stolen while eating lunch at my desk—but I am not that poet. At times I have been that poet, but this… more »

The Millay Colony, in partnership with Hudson Hall at the Historic Hudson Opera House, will co-produce "The Mother of Us All", Virgil Thomson's opera on the life of Susan B. Anthony, with libretto by Gertrude Stein. Directed by R.B. Schlather with dramaturge Joan Retallack, this will premiere during Hudson Hall's 2017 season this November. We received funding from NYSCA to produce the opera and a satellite of community events including… more »

We love that our workshops draw such amazing artists, writers, and thinkers into the Millay orbit - both the workshop leaders and the people who attend. The conversation and contemplation that was generated at Betsy Fagin's workshop this season was so rich we wanted to offer a small glimpse into the room. We asked attendee, beloved and gifted poet Carol Mirakove, for some thoughts and notes on the afternoon. Reader,… more »

This Spring, we brought poet and playwright Dave Johnson into the Hudson City High School to lead poetry workshops for over 500 students. These classes are so popular, often the library will see extra activity during the periods Dave's teaching. On one of his visits, the teachers were talking about the large Bengali and Spanish speaking populations in the school and how they would love to have an arts program… more »

Equity, diversity, and inclusion in the arts is more than important, it is critical to our field, and our country particularly now, when we are so deeply divided by issues of race, homophobia, Islamophobia, immigration/migration, and class. -- Keryl McCord, Operations Director, Alternate ROOTS The Millay Colony, like many arts and culture organizations we admire, is actively working to create programming and opportunities that address the particular and urgent challenges… more »

Writing can be such a solitary business. You toil away, word after word, cutting, revising, submitting, waiting, persevering. At some point, it becomes crucial to have other eyes on your work. Not only on the writing, but on the process of getting it out in the world. We have designed this Writing and Publishing Intensive July 29 – August 5 with exactly these goals in mind, bringing to the Millay campus… more »

Our Arts Education programs have reached hundreds of students and over a dozen teachers already this Spring. We couldn't be more inspired than we are by the public school teachers and our visiting and alumni artists as they collaborate to offer kids ways to create with words, plaster, colored pencils, projection, and paint. From making poems out of math equations with Frank Ingrasciotta in Germantown High School to sketching… more »

For the past seven winters I have returned to the hills of Steepletop, the home of poet Edna St Vincent Millay and the Millay Colony for the Arts in upstate New York. In exchange for my studio and access to the Millay facilities during the off season, I offer my skills as a handywoman and painter, readying the spaces for the upcoming season when the Colony will again be… more »

Fresh off a packed week in DC for AWP (photos and highlights to come!), we are teaming up with regional neighbor Art Omi for a table in NYC this Thursday through Saturday (Feb 16-18). Planning to attend the College Arts Association Conference? Stop by the Book and Trade Fair and say hello! Galleries, publishers, art materials manufacturers, residency programs (ahem!), and many other exhibitors will pack the halls. It's… more »

We are bringing art and activism, love and laughter, parties and promise to #AWP17 in Washington DC. WE WILL BE AT: TABLE 722 with Belladonna* Collaborative. Please find us - we want to say hello IRL! To see your shining faces is why we trudge this road. AND WE WILL BE HOSTING A PARTY! with Explosive Magazine and Belladonna* A & D Neighborhood Bar 1314 9th Street NW 2 blocks from… more »