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For the past seven winters I have returned to the hills of Steepletop, the home of poet Edna St Vincent Millay and the Millay Colony for the Arts in upstate New York. In exchange for my studio and access to the Millay facilities during the off season, I offer my skills as a handywoman and painter, readying the spaces for the upcoming season when the Colony will again be… more »

Fresh off a packed week in DC for AWP (photos and highlights to come!), we are teaming up with regional neighbor Art Omi for a table in NYC this Thursday through Saturday (Feb 16-18). Planning to attend the College Arts Association Conference? Stop by the Book and Trade Fair and say hello! Galleries, publishers, art materials manufacturers, residency programs (ahem!), and many other exhibitors will pack the halls. It's… more »

We are bringing art and activism, love and laughter, parties and promise to #AWP17 in Washington DC. WE WILL BE AT: TABLE 722 with Belladonna* Collaborative. Please find us - we want to say hello IRL! To see your shining faces is why we trudge this road. AND WE WILL BE HOSTING A PARTY! with Explosive Magazine and Belladonna* A & D Neighborhood Bar 1314 9th Street NW 2 blocks from… more »

1) Arts promote true prosperity. The arts are fundamental to our humanity. They ennoble and inspire us— fostering creativity, goodness, and beauty. The arts help us express our values, build bridges between cultures, and bring us together regardless of ethnicity, religion, or age. When times are tough, art is salve for the ache. 2) Arts improve academic performance. Students with an education rich in the arts have higher GPAs… more »

As years go, 2016 was a painful one for artists. The loss of some visionary creative forces – more than we can name here but suffice it to say that Ziggy Stardust, Purple Rain and the Daptones are ringing in our ears as we think of the year outgoing. And it has been a year of increasing divisiveness and fear. Even on our little hilltop we have felt all… more »

Dearest Millay Friends, All of us at The Millay Colony for the Arts would like to reach out to all the artists and art-lovers who have been at The Millay Colony, who will be at The Millay Colony, who may visit the Colony, or who simply know about us as a place on the landscape. We want to extend a hand, albeit in the virtual sphere for the moment,… more »

When my baby daughter was born, I remember being quite intent on trying to figure out how I was going to maintain my writing practice (I had a few projects still on the burner). Pre-baby, my relationship to time was one of relative control (luxurious chunks of 6 hours on weekend mornings; 2-3 hours during a typical teaching day). I sought out other mothers who were also artists, and… more »

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times at Millay. The Colony is happily ensconced in the foothills of the Berkshires and this provides such fecund inspiration for all of our artists. September is one of the months we offer a few two-week spots, so we are extra buzzing with rezzies! As so often is the case here, the groups grow close and cross-pollinate each other's projects via conversations… more »

The black raspberries are just beginning to ripen, the hummingbirds are buzzing the meadows, and the Black-eyed Susans are in full burst. Yes - it's Summer at Millay! Our August residents have become a tight group, and we love to see the bonds and conversations that form each month. Every group is different, of course, but what remains constant is the Millay magic that casts its spell on the… more »

July began with a bang up weekend filled with alums who scored lucky spots in our raffle to get out of dodge. We had a full house! The weather cooperated and the studios were buzzing with making. We love housing writers, artists, composers of all stripes and are so excited about our new alum weekends. Our Millay family grows every year, but we really do love to foster our… more »