September Rezzies

You can frame a Named Fellowship however you like — by designating specific kinds of artists, or
artists from specific communities, or by making a different decision each year. We will work with you to ensure that your gift has precisely the impact you want it to have. Please contact Melissa Sandor at (518) 392-4144 or for more information.

It is our great pleasure to thank the donors and friends who supported our work with Fellowships in 2017, making last year a happy and healthy year one for us, despite the economic uncertainties that surround us. To each and every one of you, we send our great thanks for a terrific year. You are marvelous.

Endowed FellowshipsResident Artist
Edward T. Cone Foundation Fellowship Saad Haddad
Jean & Louis Dreyfus Foundation FellowshipIsa Leshko
Nancy Graves Foundation FellowshipAna Weider-Blank
Berrilla Kerr Foundation FellowshipPatrick Shaw
Leo Maitland Fellowship Vanessa Banigo
Martha Martin FellowshipErica Cavanaugh
James & Stephania McClennen FellowshipKavita Das
Norma Millay Foundation Fellowship Shira Erlichman
Robert W. Simpson FellowshipAkihtio Izumi
The Wallace Foundation FellowshipSusan Steinberg & Miranda Mellis
Isabel Padro y Valiente Antonio Breitenfeld de Sa-Dantes
The Sustainable Arts FoundationErin Somers
Annual FellowshipsArtist
Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation FellowshipsAndrew Nurkin, Colleen McCubin Stepanic, Erica Cavanagh & Allison Spence
Milton and Sally Avery Foundation FellowshipRoeya Amigh
Roscoe Lee Browne Scholarship FundMonica Ong
Cave Canem FellowshipKeith Wilson & Charif Shannahan
Artists TrustBarbara DePirro & Elliat Graney-Saucke
Asian American Writers WorkshopJen Hyde, Vt Hung & Steven Tagle


Patrons Contributions of $5,000 or more
Stacy Flood   Whitney Lawson and George McCulloch   Virginia Sheridan and Morris Silver   Katy Lederer and Ben Statz   Bjorn Thorstad

Artistic Circle Contributions from $1,000 to $4,999
Danielle Dimston   Victoria Gray   Jessica Hankey   Nora Maynard   Clark Mitchell   Tomas Noel   Betsy Rosenfield Samet   Melissa Sandor   

Artists Circle Contributions of $100 to $999
James and Suzanne Aisenberg   Sunil Bald   Melissa Benson   Marcia Blau   Nicholas Boggs   Lynn Bolwell   Laura Brown   Elizabeth and Kevin Collins   Yvonne Conza   Karn Chopra   Jordan Dann   Rosalind Devon   Madeline Djerijian   Brian Flynn   Francine Frank   Judith Glaser   Michael Goldstein   Phyllis Hasterot   Richard Kim   Bernadette Kriftcher   Kirsten Major   John and Marney Mesch   Rick Passov   Brendon Reay   Kareen Redman   Frances Rosenfield   Tarek Sherif   Holly M Thorstad   Patty Bayer Troup   Mark Wunderlich

Friends Circle Contributions to $99
Judith Glaser   Jackie Gloss   Beth Hahn   Mimi Lieber   Thomas and Kimberly Nicastri   Phillip J. Palladino   Allen Rose   M. Mackerrow Talcott  

Alumni Artists Group  
Lucy Andrews   M. Robin Arnold   Laura Brown   Timothy J. Brown   Diane Cameron   Erin Carney   John B. Carroll   Robert Costello   Leila Daw   Jean Day   Tracy De Brincat   David Emanuel   Holly Ewald   Robert Fleisher   Kenneth Gangemi   Marsha Goldberg   William Goldstein   Jennifer Haley   Jessica Hankey   Courtney Harrison   Shelley Haven   Cynthia Kennison   Judi Komaki   Chad Lang   Elizabeth Lara   Jeanne Larsen   Rebecca Lawton   Jeffrey Leppendorf   Isa Leshko   Georginia Lewis   Naomi Lewis   Jason Livingston   Priscilla Long   Daniel Ludwig   Joyce Lyon   Timothy Main   Cynthia Maurice   Roland A. Merullo   Linn Meyers   Patricia Montley   Nancy Beal Mostow   Peter Murphy   Hoa Nguyen   Lee A. Norman   Sue O’Donnell   Carol O’Neill   Gina Ochiogrosso   Suzanne Onodera   Sarah Hollis Perry   Edward Peters   Margaret Phillips   Ruth M. Pinegar   Emily Rubin   Charles A. Ryerson   Jessica Sanders   Annita Sawyer   Leonard Seidman   Celia Q. Sherred   Ellen Small   Thomas Smith   Molly Springfield   Jeneva Stone   Celina Su   Naomi Suzuki   Lenore Tenneblatt   Rochelle Toner   Nan Tull   Paul Villinski   Frances Webb   Marianne Weil   Michelle Weinberg   JoJo Whilden   L. Paige Williams   Margaret Withers


The Milton & Sally Avery Arts Foundation    The Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation    The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation The Hudson River Bank & Trust Company Foundation  The Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation    The Roscoe Lee Browne Scholarship Trust    The Sustainable Arts Foundation


The National Endowment for the Arts    The New York State Council on the Arts

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