Autumn is one of the most beautiful times at Millay. The Colony is happily ensconced in the foothills of the Berkshires and this provides such fecund inspiration for all of our artists. September is one of the months we offer a few two-week spots, so we are extra buzzing with rezzies! As so often is the case here, the groups grow close and cross-pollinate each other’s projects via conversations and studio visits.

Here’s who’s with us as the season turns:

Liza Birkenmeier, Playwriting; Brooklyn, NY
Antonio Breitenfeld de Sa-Dantes, Composing; Graz, Austria
Kavita Das, Non-Fiction; NY, NY
Barbara De Pirro, Visual Arts; Allyn, WA
John Kelly, Non-Fiction; NY, NY
Peter Murphy, Poetry; Ventnor City, NJ
Kathryn Savage, Fiction; Minneapolis, MN
Erin Somers, Fiction; Brooklyn, NY
Wei Tchou, Fiction; NY, NY
Ana Wieder-Blank, Visual Arts; NY, NY

Even a short visit to a few of the studios reminds us of why we work so hard to raise funds to provide this time and space to artists to nurture their processes. We stopped in to see Kavita Das, who’s been working on a biography of Grammy nominated Hindustani singer Lakshmi Shankar. The time to both delve and to get an overview of the project at Millay is helping her toward her deadline with Harper Collins India. If not Kavita to write Lakshmi’s life, then who? No one, we say. Kavita comes to writing from a social change background and is uniquely attuned to story as a result. Even better, Kavita actually knew Lakshmi and was able to interview her in the final six months of the revered musician’s life.

Across the hall in the barn, we got a glimpse of visual artist Barbara De Pirro’s studio. Painter, sculptor, installation artist, Barbara is reveling in the grounds of the Colony to fill her studio with materials. Her work has been described as biomorphic; it uses, or rather RE-uses inorganic material to replicate forms and patterns in the natural world. Barbara has been busy photographing and taking samples from the fields and woods and already transforming these materials into new work.

On the way out of the barn we ran into Kathryn Savage perusing the bookshelves on a break from her poems, short stories, and novel. What’s a writer with a wee one at home and full time gig need to make her writing? Time. We’re so honored to have provided some.

These are just a few highlights from the land of Millay…check our Fall newsletter coming in October for some more reports from the field and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for pics and bits to inspire you on a regular basis. That’s also where we post alumni news and details about upcoming events and deadlines. Speaking of which…..OCTOBER 1 is nearly upon us! Want to join us next year? Then get your application in! The application portal is now open, friends. Meantime, click on these photos for a better view.

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