November 2010

Brooklyn, NY – Artist Statement: “My work is a synthesis of freedom and expression. To allow my thoughts to derail, dive, swim, and leap. To bring something new and foreign into this world and expose it to light so it can live. I want to feed the hungry eye and capture the wild mind. I feel inclined to introduce you to my confusion, build with my chaos, break it down, and then reassemble it with precise organization. Regardless of form, I want to create things I’ve never seen before. 

\”One of the inevitable elements in my work process involves patient reflection. I reflect/obsess on inescapable media trends like I-products, flat screens, and segways; behavioral patterns like screen staring, texting, twittering or skyping, corruption like stealing and selling a liver or kidney.  Our increasing dependency on technology and medicine scares me and yet I eagerly await the newest and latest. New Media fascinates and empowers us, while our dependencies become increasingly frightening. I want this work to invoke some of that fear. I feel commenting on our need to adapt within rapidly changing times is both necessary and appropriate.\”

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