April 2008

Iceland—\”I work with beauty and stories in my art. I like to use combination of different media in my works to encourage the audience use all their senses in viewing my work. I try to do installation that touches you and let you experience something visual and make sound that goes in to your memory. My world of visual poetry, sound, colours and emotions. I try to make art that makes your eyes hungry and your heart sad. Fill some people heads and make others mad. I love to do art and I also love art. Like to blend together print, photographs, sculptures, music -compostion- recordings-, video, film, dance and everything that makes my artwork work. I play base, keyboard, harp, flute, mellodica and all small instruments. I sing and dance. I make my own music mostly for my art exhibitions. I always have a clear vision of how my artwork should look like and what I want people to experience in my art. I would like to travel and exhibit my art all over the world. And that is what I’m going to do the next months. I have a studio in Reykjavík. I work as an visual artist and an art teacher now in Iceland.\”

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