November 2009

Surry, Maine – “I was born in New York to German parents, and much of my childhood was spent moving between the home my parents were struggling to leave behind and the home they were struggling to establish.  This straddling of two countries, languages and cultures has shaped my writing in ways that I’m still beginning to understand.  After moving about extensively in my twenties and thirties, I settled in Maine, where I’ve lived now for just over a decade with my husband and my two children, ages 9 and 12.

\”I studied literature and writing in college (majoring in German and English), graduating Magna cum Laude and with several writing awards.  I went on to do graduate work in both comparative literature (M. A.), writing (M.F.A.) and psychology (Ph.D.). I have worked as a teacher, freelance researcher and writer, and as a therapist.  I have published poetry in various journals and my first novel, In the Disappearing Water, was published in February 2009.  My poetry has appeared in Calyx, Delaware Valley Poets Anthology, Puckerbrush Review and other publications.” 

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