September 2008

Seattle, WA—Caterina is a composer, sound gather, video and multi-media artist, documentarian, performance artist, vocalist and pilgrim. Breathing through each unique space, moment and community, she integrates meditative practices and art.

Having lived and worked in Australia, Asia, Europe as well as North America, she is no stranger to travel and at home in cross-cultural contexts. Her collaborative ventures consider multiple nuances of culture, beings, environment and performative action. As a pilgrim she sonically and visually mapped power places while en route India, Tibet and Nepal. This rich reservoir has formed the basis of many installations, exhibitions, performances and compositions. Over the years \”pilgrimage\” has evolved as a recurring artistic theme in her life work and community interaction. But so too has life’s connection to birds, the incarcerated, writing, being with elders, native plants, ongoing language study, stitching and sitting still.

Caterina\’s multi-cultural interests took flight in the 80s when she participated in multi-lingual community theater projects and worked for SBS TV (Australia\’s cross-cultural government broadcaster). After a pivotal meeting with Fluxus artist Ben Vautier in France, she moved to Germany in the 90s. There she collaborated with one of Germany\’s most uncompromising sound artists according to the BBC\’s John Peel—Strafe FR. In 1999 she met Pauline Oliveros who instigated numerous collaborations involving improvisations in multiple locations, live performance and video opera. In 2004 Caterina became the first certified Australian teacher of Deep Listening—the art practice of Oliveros.

She joyfully enters into unusual collaborations—like improvising with feathered species at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh and the Tropical Aviary in Manhattan. Bird art continues to expand and recently she performed with the Butoh master, Kudo Taketeru, in Stray Birds. Caterina has been noted for transforming unique industrial spaces into multimedia community events that use an uncanny mix of personal pilgrimage, vocal offerings, local history, and love of birds.

Being a supporter of broader community interests, she regularly visits a meditation group for incarcerated men. Caterina continues to study and perform sacred Tibetan lama dance and music in its traditional context. She believes integrative medicine is complimentary to art and she is also a student of Qigong.

Caterina is a graduate from the Australian Centre for Arts and Technology and holds a MFA in Integrated Electronic Arts from RPI, New York. Both graduate studies investigated Tibetan Buddhism together with voice and art in contemporary contexts.

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