November 2011

NY, NY – “Since 2002, I have been studying with the poet Sharon Dolin, and for the last six years, I have participated in her private workshops. In my other life, I was a French teacher, briefly; an ESL teacher, for many years; and an editor at the United Nations from 1996 to 2007, where I continue to work as needed. I occasionally give readings at the Cornelia Street Café in New York (Po’Jazz), and have also read at Calypso Muse (organized by Cheryl Boyce-Taylor), and at Potters House in Washington, D.C. I have attended AWP conferences and participated in workshops at Summer Solstice (Pine Manor College), Frost Place, and the Provincetown Fine Arts Center.
     I have been published in a few places: (a) online (The Rose & Thorn, Summer 2008, nominated for a Pushcart Prize; Persimmon Tree, Fall 2008; damselfly press, January 2010) and (b) print (Equinox, Booksmyth Press, Shelburne Falls, MA, 2008; and Reflections 2009, a publication of the United Nations writers group).”

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