August 2008

Providence, R.I. – Gregory is a playwright, performer and director from Cambridge, MA.  He is an MFA student at Brown University’s Playwriting Program, and he runs Independent Submarine Productions, a DIY production company dedicated to presenting challenging artistic content in various media. Gregory is a recipient of the Lucile Lortel Playwriting Fellowship for 2006-2007.  He received the Denis Johnston Playwriting Prize for Baton Rouge and The Minotaur; the Colin Armstrong Poetry Prize; and a Firehouse Award for Contributions to the Performing Arts in New England.  Recent productions include Play Viewed From A Distance at The Empty Space Theater in Seattle; The Accident at Theatre Limina’s Double Vision Festival in Minneapolis; No One Remembers When as part of the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Festiva; The Amazon; An Adventure Story For Men at the A.R.T. in Cambridge; House of Gold, produced as part of Brown University’s New Play Festival; and The Argument produced at The Hangar Theatre.  Upcoming productions include 1000 Proms at Perishable Theater in Providence and sixsixsix at The A.R.T.’s Zero Arrow Theater in Cambridge, MA. Gregory is a member of the Dramatists’ Guild.

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