June 2012

Paris, France – Born in Strasbourg in 1968, she lives and works as sound engineer in Paris. She studied at the Institute of Visuals Arts, in cinema art department, in Orleans and at the Sorbonne-Paris IV in musicology department. In 1999, she participated to a summer university about voice at IRCAM and took course about concrete music at GRM. She composes with her recordings. She plays with this material like a sculptor or a painter, and sometimes, adds her voice to it. Her artistic research is about memories of sounds, recall of events, and daily sounds, which are re-listened always at the present day, to shape a new interpretation.

Performances: 1997 « Le drame des constructeurs » (Paris), 1999 « Chantonnement » (Immersion festival Melbourne), 2008-2009 « Scories » with Carole Arcega filmmaker (Paris, Rouen), « Être(s) » with Claude Bagoë filmmaker (Paris), 2011 « Au fond d’un verre de saké » with Yumi Fujitani dance (Paris), 2012 « Portrait 1 » (workshop about radio art, Madrid, Rabat), « Scories sound only » (Paris), « Nommez le titre » with Yumi Fujitani dancer (Paris).

Exhibition: 2005-2006 « Voulez-vous fermez la porte ? » with Frédérique Marion painter (Paris).

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