October 2011

NY, NY – Mr. Buckhiester’s drawings and works in porcelain take on a remarkable presence in their execution. The beauty and meticulousness of his craft and draftsmanship is counterbalanced by a content that conveys a humble quietness verging on menace. Allusions to characters and events from a narrative past are conveyed through the figuration, architecture, and icons from a shadowy popular culture of small town America. People are both characters and mute bodies. The bodies are in turn both objectified and yet made intimate or familiar enough to generate empathy. It is intimate and yet deceptively powerful stuff. Recently, Jared has begun to take the subject matter of these pieces and express it in new and more immediate materials. His curiosity and need to move forward from what he knows keeps him on a steady path of investigation.
     Jared Buckhiester grew up in a Southern Baptist community in Dahlonega Georgia and moved to New York City in 1995. He Graduated from Pratt Institute in 1999 and is currently completing an MFA at Bard College.

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