August 2013

Glassboro, NJ – “I am a Philadelphia-based artist and film maker. I have exhibited my work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Seattle, the Institute for Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, the Center for Art and Visual Culture in Baltimore, the Fondazione Mudima per l’Arte Contemporanea in Milan, the Independent Museum of Contemporary Art (IMCA) in Cyprus, The New York Studio Gallery and Soho 20 in New York and was recently chosen as a New Courtland Fellow and a 2009 semifinalist for the PEW Foundation grant.

Using video, installation, and animation I create imaginary narratives that reference my history, ideology, social context, family mythologies and dreams. The subject matter ranges from miniature animated dioramas to historical reenactments. All of my work involves the anthropomorphism of nature, refuse and human environments.

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