August 2009

San Francisco, CA –  “A little about me: I was born and raised in San Francisco, in whose summer Mark Twain said he spent the \”coldest winter.\”  Except now it\’s starting to get very hot in the summers.  Global warming, eek!  I moved around some after high school, spent a year in Hawaii and a several years in San Diego.  In 2000, I took my first stab at screenwriting when I enrolled in a one-year online program offered by UCLA.  Quite an eye-opening experience.  But several unproductive years went by when I got mired in the daily grind — work, nonsense, etc.  I decided I better get serious, so I dropped everything and went back to school and got an MFA in creative writing.  If I\’ve learned anything it\’s that the battle is with yourself — to stay the course, to permit yourself to dream, to feel free enough to make the unexpected discovery, to not censor yourself, to relax, to basically fire away trusting in the process.”

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