August 2012

Oakland, CA. –“Primarily a bassist, singer and songwriter but trained classically as a violist, I have spent the past 15 years leaping between the worlds of popular and traditional music, creating and performing works that are informed and inspired by both. I have worked as a session musician and touring sideman for successful international artists and I have also played as part of traditional (New York Repertory Orchestra) and experimental (New York’s beloved Anti-Social Music) ensembles.”
     My main project from 2004-2010 was a New York City based rock band that I led as singer, songwriter, and bassist. We toured the US and Europe with some successful (and some say legendary) bands, released three albums and engaged in many fruitful collaborations with other musicians, animators, artists and filmmakers. Our last record, released in 2010, was very well received. One track was licensed by MTV for its popular show “World of Jenks”, another song was used by IFC’s “Dinner with the Band”, and yet another accompanied the Levi’s UK spring/summer collection online. Since ending that project, I have split my time between touring professionally as a bassist for a Swedish artist and working on music for a new solo project that will conjure up landscapes both organic and digital.”

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