Research shows that students who experience the arts and are engaged in creative process and art-making activities learn a variety of cognitive and behavioral habits not readily accessed in other fields of study.  In particular, using the arts as enrichment and integrated across curriculum develops pathways of learning through exploration and experimentation, allowing students with a diversity of interests and skills a way to showcase learning that is personally resonant and offers multiple points of entry to ensure meaningful learning.

Due to COVID-19, as more learning is taking place online, our aim is to make this a robust and vital resource for a variety of arts-enrichment and integration strategies, featuring lessons for teachers, parents and students alike.



*Dadaist Self-Portraits: Poetry Plan by Janice Lowe
Notes from Janice Lowe’s Residency at Germantown High School

*The Practice of Presence: by Barbara Bernstein
Using the act of paying attention to make art

*Stanza: Using the Space in Poetry by Daniel Schoonebeek
This lesson plan incorporates image and text to make new connections

*The Art of Ed: Lesson Plans for Art Teachers
Free downloads for K-12 Art teachers!

*Literature in World Context: Educator Guide from Asypmtote Journal
Chock full of lesson plans for Middle School and High School


*11 Fascinating Artists Inspired by Science by Timothy Bogatz
Explores interdisciplinary connections between the world of art and the world of science

*A Blueprint for Successful Arts Education by Laura Perille
Five strategies for investing in students’ creative capital

*Writing in the Wild: Beyond the 5-Paragraph Essay by Tricia Ebarvia
A must-read for teachers wanting to encourage their students to expand their writing

*Teachers & Writers Magazine
Lesson plans, articles, essays, & student writing

*International Journal of Education & The Arts
Scholarly journal on Arts Education

*Engaging Adolescents: Building Youth Participation in the Arts
National Guild for Community Arts Education Guide

*How to Assess Arts Education
By Emily Gasoi & Sonya Robbins Hoffmann
Provides specific goals and strategies


*Arts Education Partnership
National network of organizations dedicated to advancing the arts in education

*National Guild for Community Arts Education
National service organization for community arts education providers

*Arts Education at Americans for the Arts
National advocacy organization

*Lincoln Center Institute for Arts in Education
World premier performing arts center innovative Arts Ed program

*Kennedy Center ArtsEdge
Free digital resource for teaching and learning in and through the arts

*The Center for Arts Education
NYC based non-profit

*National Art Education Association
Member organization for visual arts educators


*Arts Ed Search
Online database of research on the impact of arts in education

*Why All Parents Should Care About Arts Education
Washington Post Editorial by Jill Coody Smits

*We Need Visual Art Education Now More Than Ever
MOMA Director Wendy Moon at NY Daily News

*Beyond the Core: Advancing student success through the arts
Chock full of studies and data

*How to improve the school results: not extra maths but music, loads of it
Josh Halliday at The Guardian

*The Importance of Art in Child Development
PBS Parents on the developmental benefits of art

*The Arts and Creative Problem Solving
University of Michigan lecturer at PBS Parents

*10 Studies on the Arts in Education
Center for Online Education compiles salient research

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