MARCH 1 DEADLINE — residencies scheduled from August through October the same year.

OCTOBER 1 DEADLINE — residencies scheduled from May through July of the next year.

Our long-running, historic “Core Residency” includes groceries, chef-prepared communal dinners, private bedroom and studio, shared living/kitchen space, workstation, laundry room, B&W darkroom, access to Alumni and Nancy Graves Memorial libraries — all provided free of charge.

While we do have some specific named fellowships (see FELLOWSHIPS), applications are OPEN TO ALL.


STATUS OF APPLICATION: Email notifications regarding status (accepted, waitlist, not accepted) of submission are sent by the end of January (October deadline) and end of May (March deadline).



We use a blind jury process and, due to space constraints, the application process is very competitive.  We ask that you submit images/texts/compositions without identifying features.  We do not discriminate whatsoever, residents are accepted on the basis of artistic merit.  We do not require references.  Juries are chosen by outstanding practitioners of the various fields including alumni and are listed on our Jury page.



A US$40 fee (US$60 late fee available up to two weeks after deadline) is required for both online application and mail-in applications.


ONE-MONTH & TWO-WEEK RESIDENCIES: While most of our Core Residencies are month-long, we do offer shorter session in June and September to accommodate the needs of artists who have other obligations (family, job, etc.).  Both residencies offer the same amenities.

GROUP/COLLECTIVE RESIDENCY: We love collaboratives — MARCH 1 DEADLINE ONLY!  While we commonly award two 5-day residencies to pairs/groups of artists working collaboratively (from 3-7 participants), we do have flexibility to extend this as needed.  This is available to those working across all disciplines. including transdisciplinary/multidisciplinary projects.



After departure, professional development services and assistance is offered (grant-writing, fiscal sponsorship, project budgets, networking, marketing/publicity-through our newsletter and annual publication, etc.).  While alumni are always welcome to re-apply for a Core Residency, they may also during the Wintertide Welcome Back (December-March) for a special low-fee and/or work-trade.

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