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Rob Costello

writer — Ithaca, NY – Rob Costello writes fiction for and about young people. He holds an ... more »

Looking at the Issues: FREE Workshop!

Join us for Looking at the Issues: a free community workshop on Gertrude Stein’s opera The Mother of Us All, suffragism, voting rights, and more. Sat, Nov 4 at Hudson Area Library.

Applications Now Closed

Thank you to everyone who applied! We hit record numbers and are in the process of working with the juries. Notifications will go out in mid-January. Good luck!

I came to the Millay Colony having fallen out of a book. I wish I were the sort of poet who could make great use of time in small slivers—six minutes here, ten there, that slim shaving of time on the bus or in the waiting room or stolen while eating lunch at my desk—but I am not that poet. At times I have been that poet, but this book I am making is not a book I can write in snippets. This is a book I have… more »