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Michele de la Vega

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2017 Season Notices

Notices have gone out to everyone who applied for the second half of our 2017 season. The juries had to make some really hard choices. Would that we could house you all! Next deadline Oct 1.

Workshop Season Announced!

Our workshops feature some of the most sought after writers around. Melissa Febos, Colleen Kinder, Carole Maso, and new Sanctuary Series in NYC. Details here.

This Spring, we brought poet and playwright Dave Johnson into the Hudson City High School to lead poetry workshops for over 500 students. These classes are so popular, often the library will see extra activity during the periods Dave’s teaching. On one of his visits, the teachers were talking about the large Bengali and Spanish speaking populations in the school and how they would love to have an arts program to support these English Language Learners.

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