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Rob Costello

writer — Ithaca, NY – Rob Costello writes fiction for and about young people. He holds an ... more »

Our Workshop Series: Retreats and Intensives

The Colony has some of the hottest writers leading workshops in NYC and at the Colony. Click here to find out more.

Summer Professional Development Workshop for Educators

Reading Visual Art and Music as Text: Reflective Writing Strategies on July 27. Click here for more info.

July began with a bang up weekend filled with alums who scored lucky spots in our raffle to get out of dodge. We had a full house! The weather cooperated and the studios were buzzing with making. We love housing writers, artists, composers of all stripes and are so excited about our new alum weekends. Our Millay family grows every year, but we really do love to foster our relationships. Millay alum Claire Donato came… more »

June is blooming at Millay! Our fields are flourishing, yes, but so are our residents, upcoming parties, and workshops. First we want to congratulate Charif Shanahan on receiving the Cave Canem Residency for the second season this year. Recognizing the crucial need to proactively create spaces for African American poets, The Millay Colony has been proud to honor the amazing work Cave Canem does in the world with a dedicated residency for a CC poet every season. Charif… more »

Our second month of the 2016 residency season is nearly finished and already the time has been incredibly fruitful. The pastoral surrounds provide the obvious metaphor, but truly the budding trees and peeping bogs fill the fields and studios with bursting life. It’s easy to be inspired here. Just ask our May residents:

Ching Chu-Hu, Composing, Newark OH
Shira Erlichman, Poetry, Brooklyn, NY
Toru Hayashi, Visual Arts, NY, NY
Colleen… more »